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India Leadership Summit for Digital transformation 2023

22nd November 2023, 09.30 AM- 02.30 PM (IST)
‘Leaders Actions in Accelerating Finance Digital Transformation’

09.30 AM Registration and Refreshments
10.15 AM Welcome & Introduction to The Conference
10.25 AM Keynote Address: "Digital Infrastructure: Transforming Today for a Brighter Tomorrow”
- Tilak Raj Dua, Director General, Digital Infrastructure Providers Association
10.45 AM Panel Discussion: "Leaders Actions in Accelerating Finance Digital Transformation"
- Vinod Raina, Director-Business Transformation, Oracle NetSuite

- Rishi Malhotra, Group Chief Financial Officer, Atulaya Healthcare
- Ritesh Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer, Ethos Watch Boutiques
- Priya Malik, Managing Director at Finesse
- Dr. Annie Singla, Director, Scientia Infotech and Engineering Solutions
- CA (Dr) Vikram Nayyar, Finance & Development Officer, Panjab University
- Krishan Vrind Jain, Partner, Transfer Pricing Consultant and Auditor, Ved Jain & Associates
- Reekrit Serai, Managing Director, Satluj Public School
11.45 AM Tea/ Coffee Networking Break
12.05 PM Presentation by Oracle NetSuite - "Why Organizations Should Consider Moving to Cloud ERP"
- George Verghese, Head – Solution Consultant, Oracle NetSuite
12.50 PM Presentation by Filix - "Business Transformation Case Studies"
- Gaurav Mathur, CEO - Filix Consulting Pvt. Ltd
01.15 PM Success Story of Oracle NetSuite Implementation @Lipi
- Vinit Dixit, Head - IT, LipiData Systems Ltd
01.30 PM Networking Lunch
02.30 PM Closing