How Can the HR Function Impact the Company's Engagement, Business Performance, Productivity and Diversity

Take your Human Resources (HR) department to the next level by engaging your employees to drive better business value and by providing performance feedback that goes way beyond the annual employee appraisal

Finding the right employees to work as a team to achieve the company's goals is what all managers want to achieve. Once the company has hired the brilliant employees, the next steps are to ensure that there is an updated methodology to organize, develop and manage the stars. The India HR Summit on the 26th June 2015 is a conference that provides multiple HR solutions, to assist Indian companies on issues such as evaluations, automating HR processes, compensation and benefits, succession planning, conducting an annual HR audit and more.

Globalization and the modern world realities
In the complex and globalised business world, companies often face a shortage of skilled workers on the one hand and a wave of experience in gray retirees leaving the organization on the other hand. Therefore, the business is forced to find new and innovative ways both to attract and retain talent. We will go thru the process of how to identifying skills shortages by investing in your employees with critical components of trust, knowledge and responsibilities.

By allowing employees to focus on the components, managers can reboot the workforce to enhance productivity, employee morale and reduce recruitment costs. Inclusion policies that focus on diversity and gender equality need to be updated in order to keep up with globalization and the modern world realities.

Dynamic global competitive environment
Instead of compliance based strategies, the summit will highlight the market-based talent management processes & HR systems, to improve the overall business performance and how to embed inclusion in your organization.

The succession planning roadmap & framework takes a structured top-down approach that focusses on culture, gender, nationality and diversity issues. The presentation will address and ensure that continuous creativity and innovation edge can respond to the dynamic global competitive environment as well as address the global talent shortage and the generation (age) issues.

Driving change
The HR assessment and audit presentation will identify relevant best practices and engaging with the primary stakeholders and successfully driving change. How to conduct an HR assessment, develop a project roadmap and to design an implementation plan, which focuses on organisational assessments and optimising HR processes and technology

The HR Summit will capture the trends; how can HR be the leader that supports the company. What are the ROI and the KPI's that build talent thru developing competence, commitment & contribution throughout the organisation.

Additional speeches and panel discussions on:
  • How can HR technology change the way employees work?
  • How can HR managers fuel the satisfaction and productivity of the success of an organization
  • How to effectively deal with management burnout before it becomes a crisis?
  • What are the information security requirements - combined with the more recent data protection issues.
  • Addressing the issues and challenges of acquiring and retaining qualified candidates
  • HR analytics is one of the most powerful drivers for decision-making. How can technology transform the decisions on employee-centric dimensions of talent, culture and work in the HR organization to develop an engaged and innovative workforce?

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