India Power Summit 2016

India placing high priority to cyber-security, the government is in talks with a number of countries for co-operation to check cyber-practice

Companies are focusing not only on security solutions but also on security services. Among the services, managed security service is rapidly gaining traction by covering 40% of the security market in 2015. Managed security services help clients to prepare for cyber-attacks by understanding and managing cyber exposure, enabling them to make informed investment decisions and to put necessary, cost-effective protection in place.

Explosive increase in cyber threats is backed by factors such as increasing mobile and web usage and social media, among others. Also, Internet of Things (IoT) is another major factor that has invited various cyber threats at various sensors, terminals, and end devices. Considering this, every sector has a wide scope for cyber security requirement. Organizations are looking for integrated security solutions these days to cater their various security needs through one platform for cost benefits and to reduce complications. The aerospace, defense, and intelligence vertical needs the most advanced cyber security solutions due to increasing security need of the nations. E-governance, increasing concerns regarding territorial security like military, navy, and economic has led the government to think more seriously about cyber threats. Also, increasing demand for cyber security has led the government to make about stringent cyber and IT laws, legal and regulatory compliances, and data security.

Major driving factors for the cyber security market are increasing strictness of government regulations and evolving cyber threats, which are forcing organizations to focus more on cyber security. Also, increasing mobile data usage, cloud usage, and digitization contribute to increasing cyber security awareness. By utilizing solutions such as data center as a processing and storage powerhouse, data loss protection, data recovery management, leaks and hacking threats can be reduced up to a very large extent. Furthermore, the advancements in virtual machine isolation, client authentication, and secure opportunistic computing are expected to facilitate the adoption of cloud computing, wireless security, and data center, which in turn will boost the demand for advanced security solutions in the coming years. However, lack of talented security professionals in organizations is one of the major problems that have to be tackled.

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